Frequently asked questions on joining us



What can you do for us that we can’t already do for ourselves?

What is the benefit of having a Free Membership?

What does paying for my membership bring me



What can you do for us that we can’t already do for ourselves?

If you are promoting yourself online using a website, Facebook, Instagram or twitter then you have already answered your own question. You see the value in advertising your work online because it drives business and boosts your popularity!

 Our platform has a vast amount of traffic of tattoo fans that are looking for their next tattoo, or an artist they can trust.  We will represent you as a top artist of New Jersey so that your artwork can be recognized by the largest tattoo community in New Jersey!

So join us and support our cause if you are a top tattoo artist looking to drive your business and build your popularity!     



What is the benefit of having a Free Membership?

We have two types of members, the members that spotlight their work, and the ones that do not. If you do not want to spotlight your artwork in our community, but still want to be part of our community, we offer a free account.

1.      The free account will allow you to upload your own profile image and appear in our artist directory.


2.      You will also appear under the shop you work out of when visitors look at the shop.


3.      In addition, community members can contact you through your profile if they recognize your name or face. Even though your artwork isn’t being promoted, it is important to represent yourself everywhere and anywhere as a top artist.



What does paying for my membership bring me?

As a subscribed member, we see you are serious about your career as a tattoo artist and are looking to drive business to you. We will give you the recognition you deserve starting by:

Spotlighting your Artwork in our community. Your artwork will be seen in our tattoo gallery, on the random rater, on your profile, and in the shop that you belong to. These four outlets will direct new customers to look at you as their next artist!

Our tattoo gallery has many categories for tattoo seeking customers to find what style you are excel in. By posting your best designs, you are reaching out to new customers that normally would had never noticed your artwork.

You will also have a Star Rating which will separate you from the rest of the artists. With a star rating you will be looked at as one of the more desirable artists because free members will have no rating.

Track your popularity and measure the tattoo communities thought about your artwork.

We track the amount of ratings you receive, how many times it has been favorite, and how many times it has been given a perfect score!

So if you are ready to become a top tattoo artist, sign up now because it only takes 5 minutes to better your future as a tattoo artist.





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